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WBHA Field Trials

2023 Field Trial Results

Place Points Hound Owner
First 41 Maggie Kayla Kuester
Second 23 Echo Taylor Ingraham
Third 19 Viper Joe Cena
Fourth 15 Missy Jack Ingraham
Fifth 12 Dixie Chris Ruland
Place Points Hound Owner
First 35 Marshall Corey Hermanson
Second 21 Spur Kenny Viken
Third 11 Maverick Mike Wegener
Fourth 10 Bernie Joey Jorgenson
Fourth 10 Blitz Taylor ingraham
Fourth 10 Lobo Kayla Kuester

2024 Field Trial Schedule

Date Club Location Contact Phone Results
3/30/24 Goldmine Bear Hunters Lavalle Sportsmen Club Jeff Ingraham 608-547-2904 Results
4/6/24 County Line Houndsmen Bass Hollow Recreation Area Lloyd Phillips 608-548-2051
4/13/24 WBHA Benefit Field Trial Lavalle Sportsmen Club Jeff Ingraham
Corey Hermanson
4/20/24 Chili Dave's Houndrun Keith Durham Farm Dave Hainz 715-937-5085
4/27/24 South Central Field Trialers Blanchardville, WI Corey Hermanson 608-732-4483
5/4/24 Mid-State Houndsmen Association Stan Pelot Sr. Farm Christian Scheunemann 715-207-7693
5/11/24 Claws and Paws Bass Hollow Recreation Area Dan Phillips 608-350-7430
5/18/24 Timber Coulee Houndsmen Cashton, WI Andy Christensen 715-797-3403
6/1/24 Soggy Bottom Houndsmen Wilson Memorial Park Rick Nelson 715-214-6717
6/8/24 WBHA Benefit Swim & Field Trial Meeting Dairyland Fox and Coon Hunters Club Dave Hainz
Hailey Hainz

WBHA Field Trial Rules and Standards

  1. Club hosting the event must be a member of the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association.
  2. Events must be scheduled before July 1st to allow all members the opportunity to enjoy the full training season.
  3. Clubs will supply qualified judges and colored collars to identify dogs as needed.
  4. Events must be listed for points in the event schedule in the WBHA publications. (Excluding Benefit Field Trials approved by Field Trial Committee).
  5. Results from field trial and remittance for trophy fund must be sent in within 15 days from date of field trial.
  6. Owner/handler must be member of WBHA before start of event to receive points for WBHA trophies. Memberships will be available on the grounds.
  7. Judges decision is final. Arguments will result in dog and owner/handler being scratched.
  8. Dogs will be scratched for fighting during their heats. Heats are not considered complete until all dogs are handled and held back from the tree. Incidental contact will be permitted. Dogs scratched for fighting will be scratched all day. Dogs disqualified will be allowed to reenter consolation or pot races.
  9. Dogs scratched 2 times in one year are out for a calendar year from the date of the 2nd
  10. No muzzles allowed.
  11. Full hounds only (Monitored by Host Clubs Field Trial Director). Refer to the UKC Coonhound Standards.
  12. Males and females must run separately. It is the host club option to run a separate track for the final heats. No running of females in heat.
  13. If club allows a consolation heat, those hounds finishing 1st or 2nd will advance to their respective heats.
  14. Checking your dog at start line will be allowed for a maximum of 3 seconds by discretion of starting line judge. Dogs starting early will be disqualified.
  15. There shall be a designated start line, finish line and 15-foot radius circle line at tree. [This can be paint, lime, rope or any other suitable item].
  16. Dogs will be handled after all trees are declared or 3 minutes after the first dog crosses the finish line. Handling prior to 3 minutes will be by tree judges’ discretion. (Handlers are to have visual contact of finish line).
  17. Dogs will be allowed a maximum of 10 minutes after their handlers have returned to the tree. Dogs must cross finish line before reaching the tree or they will be disqualified.
  18. All dogs that are declared tied, for line or tree by judges, will receive points for the position that they have been awarded.
  19. It is the responsibility of the host club to notify the field trial committee that day of any dogs scratched so that any corrective action can be taken prior to next field trial event.
  20. It is the host club’s discretion as to what the awards will be.
  21. No rerunning of heats after one heat comes through.
  22. Corrective action with E-collars will be allowed. Shocking at the tree will NOT be allowed.
  23. No warming up of dogs at home tree prior to event that day.
  24. No physical abuse of dogs while at an event.
  25. Dogs need to be scratched at start line (if that is where the incident happens) or the finish line, BEFORE the next heat starts.


Revised June 11, 2022