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56th WBHA Annual Convention

- Canceled -


ALERT: 2020 WBHA Convention Canceled

WBHA Members and Vendors,

I am sorry to announce that the 2020 WBHA Convention is canceled due to circumstances beyond our control. We are still going to hold the Annual Raffle and Governor Tag Raffle on May 30th. We will stream the drawings live on Facebook to share with our members and individuals that purchased tickets.


All vendors, prepaid member raffle ticket, and banquet ticket sales will be refunded and mailed out. The Holiday Inn has canceled all WBHA-related room reservations - if you still want your room, please call the Holiday Inn to re-book.

WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT! WBHA relies on our convention for much-needed funds to continue our fight against the ever-growing threat to hunting with hounds in Wisconsin. We are not taking the year off from fighting these battles, and neither should you. Now more than ever, we need your memberships that are normally taken care of at the convention to be mailed into the WBHA as soon as possible.

One last thing I would like to remind everybody: “If you do not have liberty, bear hunting will only be something that is talked about as something we used to do”

Thank You,

Carl Schoettel
WBHA President

Message From WBHA President

After long discussions and input from the WBHA Board of Directors and its members, the convention will be open to members only and will remain that way. We will make it as quick and convenient as possible to simply sign you up in the membership and membership raffle areas of the convention.

The reason for this is that the WBHA convention is our main fundraising opportunity and our primary way to get new members. The best way that we can get new and renewed members is to close the convention to non-members. We as an organization need to create a bigger army of bear hunters so that we can have the financial means and political clout just to maintain what we have and possibly expand more hound opportunities in this political climate that we live in.

It gets tougher and more expensive every year to just keep what we have in the hound world. We have always been a hunting organization that strongly believes that if you are not on offense you are on defense, and then you let our enemies decide our fate. And last, if anybody that comes to our convention does not think that this organization is worth buying a membership, they need to wake up and not take for granted all the hard work and energy that goes into being the most powerful hunting organization in the state.

Thank you,

Carl Schoettel
President, WBHA

2020 Annual Meeting Schedule (Canceled)


Noon to 6:00 pm | Doors Open for Vendors, Membership, Voting Booth, Clothing, and Raffles
7:00 pm | WBHA Banquet at Holiday Inn with Guest Speaker DNR Secretary Preston Cole, Raffles and Door Prizes
8:00 pm to Midnight | Entertainment: The Brian West Show


9:00 am | Doors Open for Vendors, Membership, Voting Booth, Clothing, and Raffles
9:00 am to Noon | Drop Off Annual Raffle Tickets

11:15 am | Annual Meeting begins with Pledge of Allegiance

“Awards and General Business”
11:20 pm | Iron Clad Bear Hunter Presentations – Three Awards
11:40 pm | Scholarship Award Presentations plus the Kyle Blawat $1K scholarship
11:50 pm | Nominations for WBHA Leadership
12:00 pm | Junior Big Bear Award Winners
12:05 pm | Big Bear Award Winners

“State of Bear Hunting, 2020”
12:15 pm | DNR Presentation on the New Bear Plan
12:35 pm | Introduction of Legislators and Guests
12:55 pm | Announce Veterans’ Gun Raffle Winner
1:00 pm | Annual Raffle Drawing Starts
1:05 pm
| Elections Close
1:10 pm | Field Trial Award Winners
1:20 pm | Announce Cash Raffle – 50% Pay Out
1:25 pm | Membership News
1:30 pm | Membership Raffle Closes
1:30 pm | SOS Auction Begins
-During Auction- | Walk-around Rifle Raffle – (One every half hour during SOS Auction)
2:15 pm | Membership Raffle Drawing – Announce: Buy a membership before 3:00
3:00 pm | Membership Sales Close
4:00 pm | Governor’s Harvest Tag Drawing - Announced as Soon as Sold Out
-After Auction- | Gun Raffle for Auction Buyers - Immediately Following Conclusion of Auction
5:00 pm | Social Hour
9:00 pm to 1:00 am | Entertainment: The Brian West Show


8:00 am | Final Deadline for Picking Up Puppies

Lodging (Canceled)

The six hotels within walking distance of Central Wisconsin Convention & Expo Center easily meet the rooming needs of our visitors.


  • Candlewood Suites | 715-355-8900
  • Econolodge | 715-355-4449
  • Holiday Inn & Suites | 715-355-1111
  • Motel 6 | 715-355-3030
  • Stoney Creek Inn | 715-355-6858
  • The Grand Lodge of Stoney Creek | 800-659-2220

Due to unpredictable hotel charges we will not be posting hotel room pricing information at this time. For the best hotel price WBHA recommends calling the hotel directly or using an online search engine such as Priceline.com , Expedia.com, Cheaphotels.com, Travelocity.com, etc.

Vendor Information (Canceled - will be refunded)

Deadline March 1st, 2020
Limited Space
First Come, First Served

For contract information please contact:
Jacob Trochinski
Ph: (920) 203-3725
Email: jacob.trochinski@gmail.com

Attention all hunting groups...

We hope you all had a good season! Now it’s time for us to start gearing up for next year’s convention. Our membership raffle and SOS auction committees are seeking donations for the 2020 annual convention raffle and auction.

If your hunting group is able to make donation to the auction and raffle fund, or if you have an item to donate, please contact these committees prior to the Annual Convention!

Membership Raffle

The membership raffle is one of the main fundraising sources for WBHA. Donations to the raffle help our association continue to operate at a level we can all be proud of.

Membership Raffle Contacts:
Lyndsey Mutz – (262) 483-3891

SOS Donations

As most of you know, the SOS Auction is a big part of our convention, but more important is what the money is raised for – supporting our sport and the people who participate in it, part of which is supporting our friends in Madison. We all know that the anti-hunters attack us every day. We try to be everywhere all of the time, but we can’t. We need friends in Madison who can stop the bills that negatively affect our sport. We have learned what it takes first hand to win an election by helping our friend, former WBHA board of director and now Representative Rob Stafsholt, run a campaign. That said, we are looking for donations for this year’s SOS Auction, whether it’s a puppy, store bought items, handmade items, monetary donations, etc. Personal, business, hunting organizations, or groups – all donations are greatly appreciated. If you have a donation, contact one of us and let us know.

Thank you!

Eric Tuckner

SOS Items Contacts:

Eric Tuckner – (651) 775-7296
Carl Schoettel – (414) 531-2296

SOS Puppies Contact:

Mark Scheunemann – (715) 897-1417

Annual Convention Photo Contest

Our Convention Photo Contest has moved online and has been combined with our Photo-of-the-Month and yearbook photo contests. Head over to the Photo Contest page for more information.

Friday Night Banquet (Canceled - will be refunded)

Friday | May 29, 2020 | 7pm

The 2020 Annual Convention Banquet will be held at the Holiday Inn & Suites.

Banquet tickets are $30 for adults and $15 for children ages 4-12 (children ages 3 and under are free). This includes meal, speakers, raffles, door prizes, and special visitation time.

WBHA Member Raffle Info (Canceled - will be refunded)

You MUST BE a WBHA member in order to purchase Member raffle tickets. YOU MUST BE PRESENT FOR THIS RAFFLE IN ORDER TO CLAIM PRIZE.

Prepaid raffle ticket packages will be available for pick-up during regular convention hours. WBHA Member Raffle drawings will be held and announced intermittently during the SOS Auction. Winners will have 10 minutes from drawing to claim prize. If you are not able to claim prize withing 10 minutes, you will forfeit your prize and an alternate will be awarded the prize.

Prepaid tickets packages come pre-labeled with members WBHA ID# on each ticket. Ticket package increments include 200 for $200, 75 for $100, 25 for $50, & 10 for $25 (Single tickets will be available at the Annual Convention).

Elections Information