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2021 President's Message

This year’s convention is an example of what happens when you mix pent up desire to get out, and then meet with a large gathering of dedicated hound hunters and their families. We made a statement that we are still here and there is nothing going to stand in our way of doing whatever it takes to support hound hunting in the state of Wisconsin. Leading up to the convention I received a lot of comments from our membership and others on how important it was to have our annual event after canceling last year’s event and town halls. When the decision was made to have this year’s event there was no apprehension that it was the right decision, after all we bear hunters are all about managing risk.

We had many guests from other organizations that were totally impressed that we pulled this off and that the timing was import­ant to show that we are the leading hunting organization in this state and are not afraid to be the first to do so. I would also like to thank the Convention Center and their staff, they were critical in making this event a success this year. But more than anybody this does not happen without you, our members and the members that make and donate items for the auction plus the dedicated WBHABoard of Directors and all the people that help make this unique event happen.

I would also like to thank Hunter Nation for driving home along overdue wolf season, it would not of happened without them. I know it made a lot of members happy to be able to have a chance to knock down the population a little but there is a long way to go. You need to contact your legislators and let them know to keep their foot on the gas and make sure they remind the DNR that the wolf season is the Law! No excuses!

With the political climate that we are currently in we need to pay attention more than ever to the threats to our way of life, it is real and coming like it never has before. If we do not fight this every chance we get we will lose what we cherish the most! Make Sure you vote for candidates that support the 2nd Amendment and Hound Hunting in our great state.

Carl Schoettel, WBHA President