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Call to Action: Consider Submitting a Comment in Support of Delisting Gray Wolves

May 9, 2019

Wisconsin Bear Hunters, please consider spending a few minutes before the July 15 deadline to submit a comment in support of Grey Wolf Delisting.

Here are the facts:

  • Wolves are fully recovered by all measurements in place in Wisconsin and the Great Lakes Regions. Wolf recovery has gone better than anyone’s expectations – a true case of successful endangered resource rehabilitation.
  • Wolves have a role to play in our wild societies but are creating unwanted and unacceptable damage to livestock, family pets and in some verified cases, human endangerment.
  • Not delisting wolves at this time would continue to foster these kinds problems as the wolf population would remain unregulated.
  • Not delisting would quickly erode attitudes toward an unregulated wolf population, and people would become much more intolerant of wolves in general.
  • Selective management including harvest would ensure that wolves or wolf packs known to cause damage can be successfully removed from the landscape.
  • Giving wolves a big game status with hunting and trapping harvest management is also likely to protect wolves from devious acts of poachers by giving them a value they don’t currently possess.
  • The process and parameters Wisconsin has in place to manage wolves was very successful when Wisconsin had authority to manage wolves.
  • For all the folks in wolf range and for the future of wolves in general, wolves no longer require federally protected status and are in need of management.

Please ask FWS to delist wolves and return management authority to the Great Lakes States.

Please Note: It is important that you add something personal to your comment! Generic comments might not be considered!

Comments can be submitted at the following link: