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Wisconsin Bear Hunters Support Ethical Training, Condemn Recent Videos

January 4, 2019

The Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association (WBHA) is proud to be a part of Wisconsin’s long sporting heritage. While hunting and training with hounds, our members exhibit the strong ethical standards that Wisconsin hunters are known for.

It is disappointing to see the recent cases in Florida and Wisconsin where a small group of hound owners did not abide by any reasonable ethical standards, nor have any regard for following state game laws. We were shocked to see the videos showing the misuse of hounds and the abuse of black bears.

These types of incidents are not a representation of hound hunting or hound training but rather an example of non-ethical and illegal acts. Those hound owners are being prosecuted and we agree that they should be held accountable for their illegal and immoral actions. There is no excuse for these actions – this is not hunting nor ethical hound training.

We renew our call that all hunters and dog owners practice ethical hunting and training as outlined by our association’s long standing best practices standards. And of course, hunters should follow all laws regarding hunting and training dogs in any state or country.

Excluding the above referenced events, we also understand, and respectfully request understanding from the public, that not all videos or pictures provide a context or exact representation of the situation and should not automatically incriminate those depicted. But again, we advocate for due process and full prosecution of those found to be guilty of violations.