Lakewood Forest Cleanup

A recent cleanup done at Lakewood with Wayne Dillenberg serving as crew chief. Three truck-loads of asphalt shingles were removed.

Cleanup 01 Cleanup 02 Cleanup 03

WBHA Hwy 8 Cleanup

On May 20, 2009 approximately 20 people participated in the Highway 8 cleanup. In all, the volunteers collected 40+ bags of garbage!

Highway 8 Cleanup Crew

Wisconsin Bear Hunters’ Association members presented stuffed animals to Spooner Fire Dept.

Wisconsin Bear Hunters’ Association members Patti Butterfield and Joanna Butterfield presented stuffed animals to Spooner Fire Dept. Chief Darren Vik and Spooner Fire Dept. Auxiliary Susie Johnson. Spooner firefighter Gary Johnson was gracious enough to take this photo during Jack Pine Savage Days.
Gary & Susie Johnson are also WBHA members.

Where did the stuffed animals come from? The animals were donated by WBHA youth members as part of the Bear Hugs program. The Bear Hugs distributes the stuffed animals statewide to various agencies. Emergency personnel carry the toys in their vehicles to comfort children at the scene of an accident or a fire.

Sleepy Hollow Bear Hunters

Pictures from Big Timber Kennels! Redbones treeing up a storm – photos submitted by Dave Samuel

The Danbury Bear Hunters

Photo 1: Thumbtack, Leaning Tree, Squatting Duck and Tackhammer waiting for the hunt to begin.
Photo 2: Dogs waiting to run.
Photo 3: Snot Rag aka Snotty riding in style

Make a Wish Hunt

Picture #1 Make a wish hunter Ely Self age 15 from Georgia.
Picture #2 Richard Lawson and John from North Carolina-Bear Crazy Videos. ‘Oh my, crazy female Wisconsin bear hunting drivers!’
Picture #3 212 lb. boar shot by Ely Self

Somo River Bear Hunters

2006 Youth Hunt – Warden Ackerman and youth hunter Quinn Goretski

Jaggy’s First Bear

Swamp Creek Bear Hunters

Reeves/Rux Hunt

Picture #1 This is Jeff Ruxs’ bear, it was 350#. Treed by dogs from Jeff Reeves, Dan Klessig, Eric Adamovich and Harry and Sally williams.
Picture #2 Reeves’ Red after the 8 and a half hr. run beat up and tired.
Picture #3 This picture is of Dennis Hardtke and his bear, dogs in picture are, Reeves’ Red and back dog is Adamovich’s Cricket. This bear dressed out at 486#. It was an 8 and half hr. run, it wouldn’t tree. Other dogs on the bear were, Dan Klessig’s, and Harry Williams.
Picture #4 Reeves’ Red treed on Jeff Ruxs’ bear. Red and Eric Adamovichs’ dog, Woody, were baying this bear for an hour before we could get the other dogs in on it.

Trautmiller Hunt

John Trautmiller and daughter Jessica Trautmiller ride the bear out of the woods on the four wheeler. This hunt was definitely one that will never be forgotten! The bear was jumped, not by the dogs, but by snoose. He got there right before the dogs did and started off the chase. It showed itself at least 4 times before finally being caught on the ground and shot by Todd Peterson.

WBHA Brantwood Fundraiser – September 29, 2007

Chip’s Call of the Wild, Merrill, WI

Photo #1. Dec 24, 2007– Tom Schmeltzer from Wausau, WI harvested this 25lb Bobcat with the aid of Chip Mosser’s hounds, Bert and Ivy. Ryan King (right) made a long walk with Tom to harvest the cat.
Photo #2. Dec 27, 2007–16 yr old Ryan Zipper from Manitowoc, WI (3rd from left) harvested this 32lb Bobcat with the aid of Chip Mosser’s hounds, Bert and Ivy. Dec 28, 2007–Jeff Schmeltzer from Merrill, WI harvested this 421/2lb Bobcat with the aid of Don Cramer’s hound Boots (left) and Chip Mosser’s hound Bert (right).
Photo #3. Dec 7, 2007–Tony Newberg from Eagle, WI harvested this 32lb Bobcat with the aid of Chip Mosser’s hounds, Bert and Ivy.
Photo #4. Dec 14, 2007–Don Stockman from Gleason, WI harvested this 36lb Bobcat with the aid of Chip Mosser’s hounds, Bert and Ivy.