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Why join the WBHA? Because we have strength in numbers and if bear hunters don’t stand up to defend our sport, who will?

Below is a story about three bear hunters. Their names are Everybody, Somebody, and Nobody. It’s a story about what happens if you depend on everybody else to look out for your interests…

Once upon a time a state legislator introduced a bill to ban the use of bait and hounds for bear hunting in Wisconsin. Everybody was shocked, but Nobody did anything about it.

Somebody thought it would be a good idea to go to the capitol and oppose the bill. Everybody thought this was a great idea, Everybody said they would go, but Nobody showed up.

Then Somebody had an idea to hold a fundraiser to raise money so the bear hunters could hire help in opposing the bill. Everybody offered to help with the fundraiser but Nobody did. Everybody was too busy that day so Nobody showed up.

Everybody had a lot of great ideas but Nobody took the bull by the horns and made any of them a reality.

The legislature had a hearing on the bill and Nobody bothered to testify. Everybody was too busy doing other things. Somebody even mentioned that being involved in government was dumb and bear hunters should only worry about hunting.

Every animal rights activist in the state wrote a letter to their senator urging a YES vote on the bill, Nobody wrote a letter urging them to vote NO. Pro-sportsmen senators wanted to hear from Somebody in favor of the bill but they hear from Nobody. They wondered where Everybody was.

Then the Governor signed the bill into law and Nobody cared. Everbody tried to blame Somebody. Then Everybody asked “How could this happen?” and Somebody said, “It’s Nobody’s fault.” For whatever reason, Nobody bothered to say that in reality it was Everybody’s fault.

So now Everybody – even if they are a real Somebody, cannot use bait or hounds in Wisconsin. And when we look back there is only one person who deserves thanks and praise for trying to stop it from happening: Nobody.

Everybody who cares about bear hunting needs to be more like a Nobody! Get involved, stay involved. Join the WBHA. Let’s become the biggest group of Nobody’s in the state!

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