DNR Website Clarification From Rep. Rob Stafsholt

Dear WBHA,

My office has been contacted by several of your members with concerns on some language that appears on the DNR website pertaining to bear hunting. The current language does not state that the use of bait on our opening week of bear season with the use of dogs is permitted. I requested clarification from DNR staff and this is what I received back on this:

Thank you for the email message and the phone call!

I was able to reach Dave MacFarland, DNR Carnivore Specialist with the Bureau of Wildlife Management, to get some clarification on the use of bait and dogs during the upcoming bear season.

There have not been any changes regarding the use of bait to run dogs in the first week of the bear season. It is legal to use bait throughout the season in all zones.

In the northern zones A, B and D: From Sept. 6th – Sept. 12th hunters must use the aid of dogs, and bait may be used to locate bears on which to run dogs. From Sept 12th – Oct. 3rd all methods are legal. From Oct. 4th – Oct. 10th all methods that do not involve the use of dogs are legal. In short, the first week you have to use dogs, the last week you cannot use dogs. You can use bait throughout, but you can only use it to start your dogs the first week.

In zone C, which is the southern 2/3 of the state: The use of dogs is not permitted at any time during the season. Hunters can hunt with any method not using dogs from Sept 6 – Oct 10.

I hope this information is helpful. Let me know if there is anything else you need.

Thanks again!

Hopefully this information helps to clarify any questions that you may have or will receive. Please feel free to share this with your members and put it on your Facebook posts. Have a great hunting season!

Your Friend,
Representative Rob Stafsholt

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