May 31, 2012

In recent days, chain emails and uninformed bloggers have made outrageous claims regarding Wisconsin’s Deer Trustee Dr. James C. Kroll, some going so far as to suggest Governor Walker and Dr. Kroll would privatize public hunting lands in Wisconsin. The Hunters Rights Coalition would like to go on the record and state that NONE of these claims have any validity.

“These claims are completely baseless,” said Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association President Al Lobner.  “As someone who has closely followed everything Dr. Kroll has done in his time in Wisconsin, there is absolutely no reason to believe he or Governor Walker has any wish to privatize hunting in Wisconsin.”

An expert in modern deer herd management, Dr. Kroll was appointed by Governor Walker to be Wisconsin’s deer trustee.  As the trustee, Dr. Kroll conducted a scientific study of our state’s white-tailed deer management practices and released very well-received findings in March.

“Public hunting is an incredibly important part of life in Wisconsin and Dr. Kroll has repeatedly shown he understands this in both his words and actions,” added Joe Koback, chairman of the state’s Safari Club Chapters Legislative Committee.  “The fact that anyone is suggesting otherwise means they’re either grossly misinformed or completely dishonest.”

The Hunters Rights Coalition is Wisconsin’s only group 100% dedicated to advancing hunting opportunities and protecting the rights of Wisconsin’s hunters.  The Coalition is made up of several groups including:  The Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association, Wisconsin Chapters of Safari Club International, Wisconsin FORCE, and the National Rifle Association.
For more information please contact our representative Bob Welch 608.819.0150.

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