Hunters Endorse Petrowski and Moulton

May 15th, 2012 – MADISON – Key members of Wisconsin’s Hunters Rights Coalition today endorsed Senators Petrowski and Moulton in the elections to be held this June 5th.

The Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association (WBHA), the state political committee for Wisconsin’s Chapters of Safari Club International (SCI), Wisconsin FORCE – the chartered state NRA chapter, and the NRA have all joined to endorse two of the strongest advocates for hunting, gun rights, and conservation that this state has seen for many years.

Hunters endorse Senator Terry Moulton (R – Chippewa Falls) for reelection to the 23rd Senate District in the June recall.  Moulton was a lead Senate author on many of the Hunters Rights Coalition’s top priority bills.

“He authored the bills to rid us of outdated gun case regulations, to eliminate earn-a-buck, and to modernize our Wisconsin bear season rules,” said WBHA President Al Lobner.  “These were on our wish list for many years and Senator Moulton made them a reality.”

“Moulton has been incredible for hunters in his first year and a half in the Senate,” said Joe Koback, chairman of SCI’s state political committee.  “He has always cared about what we thought, and has been a real leader for preserving our hunting heritage.

Hunters endorse Representative Jerry Petrowski (R – Marathon) in the June special election for the 29th Senate District.

“Jerry has been 100% in favor of delisting wolves and supported our wolf harvest season,” said Lobner.  “He also has worked to assure that stewardship land purchases are open to hunting, fishing, and trapping.”

Koback added, “Petrowski also supported an historic wetlands bill which will guarantee the creation of many acres of high quality, huntable, wetlands over the next decade.”

“Senator Moulton and Representative Petrowski are among the most pro Second Amendment Legislators serving today,” said Wisconsin FORCE President Jeff Nass.  “They not only voted for a strong concealed carry bill, but they also supported the castle doctrine bill, helping Wisconsinites feel safe in their homes.”

“Wisconsin hunters should know that they will not find better friends for our hunting heritage than Senator Moulton and Representative Petrowski” said Lobner.
For more information please contact Joe Koback at 608 566 9534.

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