Learn to hunt

This past August, my son Anthony Schemenauer, who was 11 at the time, was chosen to be one of the hunters in the WI Learn to Hunt. Anthony’s mentor was Larry Paulson of Cornell. Anthony had the pleasure of getting up every morning to help bait the bear in a few different spots.

On August 22nd, Anthony went through the seminar that Scott Bowe, WI DNR warden and a few other as I call them “Bearologists” put together. There were 7 kids ages 10-13 that were chosen for Chippewa county to bear hunt.

On August 23rd, Anthony went out and shot a really nice 325 pound boar. His bear was the largest that was ever shot in the 5 years that this program has gone on in the Chippewa County area.

On Saturday Jan. 31, 2009 Anthony had his bear skull scored at the Eau Claire Deer Classic. It scored out at 20 11/16.. You want to talk about a very excited boy. He also took first place on Sunday. His name will be mentioned in the WI bear and Deer record book and also Boone and Crocket.

I would like to just say an extra thanks to the great mentors, organizations and DNR people who help make this program possible for these kids. It was an awesome experience that I know that he will never forget!

Proud mom, Kim Hetchler

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