Sportsmen Defeat Wacky Brown County Dog Proposal

The Hunters’ Rights Coalition, of which WBHA is a part, was formed in part to allow sportsmen to respond quickly to challenges. The coalition was recently put to the test in Brown County in response to an unreasonable and unrealistic ordinance proposal relating to dogs.

According to WBHA lobbyist Bob Welch, the ordinance was originally scheduled for a hearing and a vote on Tuesday, July 08, and the public became aware of the proposal that morning. But after hundreds of calls from sportsmen and sporting dog owners the measure was tabled and has now been withdrawn completely.

Joining in opposition to the measure were Safari Club International, the Green Bay Pointing Dog Club, Central Wisconsin Shoot to Retrieve Club and the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation.

WBHA board member Earl Vanderveren spoke before the Brown County board and explained how these types of proposals are really part of a broader effort aimed at hunting. “The proposed county ordinance would be so impractical as to force many outdoor dog enthusiasts to give up their sport altogether,” Vanderveren said. “This is, of course, the agenda of the radical animal rights movement.”

For example, Vanderveren pointed to a provision in the measure that would have required dog owners to have food available 24 hours per day. “How does one keep food available 24 hours a day without overfeeding an animal?” Vanderveren questioned. Sportsmen appearing at the board were able to demonstrate that every one of the examples of mistreatment shown in the proponents photos was already illegal.

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