Wood County Clean-Up

Wood CountyThe Wood County Forest clean-up got started from a suggestion of the County Forester, Fritz Shubert at the Wood County Wild Life Area Advisory Committee to the County Board. I brought it up at the Mid-State Houndsmen Association meeting; everyone thought it was a good project. Scott McCauly, president of the Wisconsin Trappers Association, called the next day saying he had Firestone committed to pick up the tires. They showed up with a big truck and picked up garbage along the roadsides all day long and hauled out a big load of tires. They came back the next day to pick up tires that grew overnight. Firestone also furnished t-shirts, hats and antiseptic tubs.

More than forty people showed up, including members of the Wisconsin Bear Hunters, Wisconsin Trappers, Wilderness Sportsmen Club, as well as some local people. One person living nearby was checking trucks coming into the area. When he found out what we were doing, he volunteered to bring his backhoe to lift or move anything that we needed help with. A forest product company furnished all of the pizza and soda that we could want. I also received a thank-you letter from some people who live next to the area we cleaned. The county has now put up berms on the fire lanes into the area. I hope that with the berms and the article in the paper, people will think twice before dumping garbage in the forest. I believe that everyone who helped did a fine job.Wood CountyWood County

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