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For over 50 years, WBHA has been at the forefront of protecting the rights of sportsmen and sportswomen in Wisconsin as well promoting youth hunting, conservation, and sound wildlife management.

Bear hunting in Wisconsin is the ultimate family sport and the WBHA is nearly 3,000 members strong and is itself family-based. We invite you and your family to join us as we work together to protect Wisconsin’s great outdoor heritage.

Notice: CNNF Road Closures Due to Flooding and The Rainbow Family of Living Light Gathering


As frequent users of the CNNF, we wanted to make sure you were aware of an upcoming gathering taking place the first week of July. Check the map linked to below: If this is an area you train your hounds, you might want to consider alternatives for this time period.

The unauthorized gathering site will be located near Canthook Lake off of Forest Service Road 412 near the town of Delta, about 20 minutes from Iron River. The gathering is expected to last through the July 4 weekend. After that, several Rainbow Family members stay on site for several weeks to work on clean-up and rehabilitation.

Here is some information from the USDA Forest Service:

The Rainbow Family of Living Light has chosen a site on the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest for its 2019 national gathering. The event will coincide with the Fourth of July holiday, and participants have already begun arriving.

The forest will experience the highest concentration of visitors during the first week of July. They selected an area near Canthook Lake on the Washburn Ranger District, just outside the community of Delta in Bayfield County, for their gathering.

The Rainbow Family is a loose-knit group of people from throughout the USA and other countries. Each summer they hold a national gathering to pursue social and spiritual activities and pray for world peace. Since 1972, the event has taken place on a different national forest each year. Crowds range from 2,000 to 10,000 forest visitors.

The USDA Forest Service manages the annual event in close coordination with Tribal, state and local partners to protect the health and safety of everyone involved, and to lessen environmental impacts to the site by providing information and enforcing laws.

There will be a heavy presence of law enforcement in the area throughout the event.

At past events, there have been interactions with bear hunters with their hounds that were not positive.

Throughout the event, the Forest Service will be working to manage group interactions regarding shared use of the National Forest. Negative interactions have included intercepting hunting dog that enter the gathering and removing radio collars or aggressive interaction between unvaccinated dogs at the gathering and hunting dogs.

In addition to the Rainbow Gathering, contracts to complete the permanent repairs to roads damaged during the June 2018 flood in this same area are underway. This work is essential to restoring sustainable access in the area that are designed to better survive future storm events.

A closure order has been issued identifying roads that will be closed until further notice. This order is in addition to the order currently in place for those roads and trails damaged during the 2018 flood that were not temporarily repaired. Please visit the website at https://www.fs.usda.gov/detail/cnnf/landmanagement/?cid=FSEPRD638008 for a listing of roads that will be closed and for information on traffic flow for the Rainbow Gathering, a map is also attached. As permanent road repairs are made and Rainbow Gathering participants begin to disperse, the Forest will re-evaluate and update the road closures to restore access in and around the Canthook Lake area.

Road Closure Map | More Information

Call to Action (Deadline Extended to July 15th!):
Consider Submitting a Comment in Support of Delisting Gray Wolves

Wisconsin Bear Hunters, please consider spending a few minutes before the July 15 deadline to submit a comment in support of Grey Wolf Delisting.

Here are the facts:

  • Wolves are fully recovered by all measurements in place in Wisconsin and the Great Lakes Regions. Wolf recovery has gone better than anyone’s expectations – a true case of successful endangered resource rehabilitation.
  • Wolves have a role to play in our wild societies but are creating unwanted and unacceptable damage to livestock, family pets and in some verified cases, human endangerment.
  • Not delisting wolves at this time would continue to foster these kinds problems as the wolf population would remain unregulated.
  • Not delisting would quickly erode attitudes toward an unregulated wolf population, and people would become much more intolerant of wolves in general.
  • Selective management including harvest would ensure that wolves or wolf packs known to cause damage can be successfully removed from the landscape.
  • Giving wolves a big game status with hunting and trapping harvest management is also likely to protect wolves from devious acts of poachers by giving them a value they don’t currently possess.
  • The process and parameters Wisconsin has in place to manage wolves was very successful when Wisconsin had authority to manage wolves.
  • For all the folks in wolf range and for the future of wolves in general, wolves no longer require federally protected status and are in need of management.

Please ask FWS to delist wolves and return management authority to the Great Lakes States.

Please Note: It is important that you add something personal to your comment! Generic comments might not be considered!

Comments can be submitted at the following link:

Submit Your Comments

2019 Annual Raffle Winners!

Check the list below to find out if you’ve won!

2019 Annual Raffle Winners

Benefit Fund For The Family Of Jeremy Fischer

The Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association has established a fund to support Jeremy Fischer’s family in their time of need.

Jeremy was a longtime member of the WBHA Board of Directors and donated countless hours to further our sport.

Please consider making a donation.

A man, a friend, a father, a husband, but also a houndsman!

The Houndsman

The game you’ve treed, the game you’ve freed, the dogs you’ve seen, the places you’ve been. I will always look for you at every tree and one things for sure, I’ll never forget you and you will never forget me. Someday I’ll see you in the land of the biggest trees where I know you will be waiting for me!

R.I.P. Jeremy ‘Minnow’ Fischer

The Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association sends its thoughts and prayers to all of you who knew and loved Jeremy.

-Lucas Withrow
WBHA Vice President

Thank You To All 2018 SOS Donors!

Thank you to everyone who donated to this year’s SOS Auction! Your efforts truly help us Save-Our-Sport! Click the button below to see the long list of generous folks and businesses who donated.

2018 SOS Donation List

Hunter Harassment Reference Cards


Hopefully you won’t need them, but WBHA has produced some Hunter Harassment Reference Cards. These are worth having on hand as reference in case of a discrepancy or to sway enforcement action when presented as proof of the law. Stay safe!

Hunter Harassment Reference Cards

Convention Info

55th WBHA Annual Convention

March 22, 2019 - March 23, 2019

Friday, March 22 and Saturday, March 23, 2019 at the Central Wisconsin Convention & Expo Center in Rothschild, WI. Don’t forget to book your rooms in advance!

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Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest Schedule of Proposed Actions (Updated October 1, 2019)

MVU Update

The latest Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest (CNNF) Schedule of Proposed Actions (SOPA) can be found at the following link. https://www.fs.fed.us/sopa/forest-level.php?110913.

Download PDF: https://www.fs.fed.us/sopa/components/reports/sopa-110913-2019-10.pdf

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